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East Asia Regional Cultures of China

The Chinese landscape is immense and highly diverse, both in altitude and topography. Its variety of natural environments has fostered a wide range of ethnic cultures. Han Chinese account for over 90% of China’s population, and, while concentrated in the plains, are spread throughout the nation. Mainland China is also home to 55 minority peoples, who live for the most part in the highlands or grasslands in southwest, northwest, and northeast China. In Taiwan, indigenous groups speaking diverse Austronesian languages live alongside Han Chinese. Chinese overseas all over the world regard China as their ancestral homeland. This exhibition introduces a diverse range of Chinese ethnic life ways.Taking into account historical and local characteristics, the exhibition explores livelihoods, costume, musical instruments, dwellings, crafts, religion and writing, Han Chinese marriage ceremonies and ancestor worship,Taiwan indigenous peoples, and Chinese overseas.


●Subsistence ●Musical Instruments ●Zhuang Stilt House ●Costume
●Crafts ●Taiwan Indigenous Peoples ●Religion and Writing ●Chinese Overseas ●Transmission of Chinese Tradition