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Regional Exhibitions Cross-cultural Exhibitions

Regional Exhibitions Cross-cultural Exhibitions

Minpaku exhibits are divided into regional and cross-cultural exhibits.
The regional exhibits are subdivided by region-Oceania, Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia, including Japan. Starting from Oceania, visitors circle the globe to the east, arriving at Japan at the end. This structure deepens our understanding of how Japanese culture is linked to cultures in other parts of the world. One of Minpaku’s founding principles has been to design exhibits based on our awareness that all cultures are equal; no cultures or ethnic groups are superior to others. Our exhibits celebrate cultural difference as evidence of the richness and diversity of humanity.
To make those lifeways easier to understand, we focus on clothing, food, and shelter, the basic necessities of all human lives.
In contrast to regional exhibits, cross-cultural exhibits are not limited to any one region. Instead they focus on particular topics, explored from a global perspective. At present, music and language are topics also featured in two standing exhibits.



Minpaku Digital Guide (Free of charge)

This guide describes facilities and exhibits in the Exhibition Halls using the museum map. It shows videos and information related to the locations artifacts were found, how they were used, and by whom they were used. Explanations are currently available in nine languages, including Japanese, English, and Chinese.
(The Minpaku Digital Guide was used by 7,229 visitors in total during FY2019. )