The National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) is a research center for ethnology and cultural anthropology.

Zafimaniry Style: Life and Handicrafts in the Mist Forest of Madagascar

Exhibition Guide

Exhibition with English and Japanese descriptive panels

1 Entrance
Where is Madagascar?
2 Introduction
The Many Faces of Madagascar
3 Welcome to the Mist Forest
Zafimaniry Milieu and People
Cultivating Paddy Fields
Cultivating Swidden Fields
4 The Village as the Arena of Life
Children’s Handmade Toys
Life in the Wooden House
Building a House

5 Handicrafts as a Vital Part of Everyday Life
Plaiting with Vegetal Materials
Braiding Hair
Weaving with Bark Fibers
Carving Wood
Making Windows
Experiencing Handicrafts with the Five Senses
Familiar Tools Used in Various Ways
6 University of Antananarivo Collection
Geometric patterns carved on windows
7 Handicrafts for the Outside World
Commercialization of Woodwork
New Styles of House
8 Mpanampy's Workshopp
Stools carved by men
Caps and other artifacts plaited by women
Wallboard pattern inscribed by carpenters
9 The Future of the Zafimaniry and Us
A Mailbox for Messages to the Mist Forest

List of Exhibited Object

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A wooden house has appeared in the middle of the Hall!

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[Time: 72 seconds / File: QuickTime (.mov)]
At the center of the exhibition hall, there appears a wooden house which the British Museum acquired in Madagascar in the 1980s. It is a quarter century when this house was exhibited to the public last time in London and New York. This moving image, showing the process of rebuilding the house, was recorded and published with permission of the trustees of the British Museum.
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